2023 Tornado Long Term Recovery

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Spalding County Tornado Assistance

For information to apply for assistance for unmet needs through Spalding County Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (SC VOAD), click HERE.  Unmet needs are those needs that have not already been met by insurance, FEMA, and/or other sources available.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide required information:

  • Picture ID
  • Insurance company name, address, policy number and amount
    received from insurance
  • FEMA number, amount of funds received from FEMA, and the level of destruction

The final decision will be determined by the SC VOAD Resource Allocation Committee and applicants will be notified.  Frequent calls to check on an application will only slow the process.  Please allow 15 – 30 days to process.

We understand that you and your family experienced a traumatic life event. This was especially hard for children.  It is okay to seek emotional support.  Life will get better!  In the meantime,

Griffin Spalding Tornado Relief Fund 2023

Donations to the Griffin Spalding Tornado Relief Fund 2023 (GSTRF 2023) can be made by clicking on the link below, or by scanning the QR code, below, with your phone or mobile device.

Donate Here.

Cash or check donations may be dropped off at the Griffin Spalding Chamber of Commerce, located at 143 North Hill Street in Griffin.  Make checks payable to Griffin Spalding Tornado Relief Fund 2023.

Donations may also be mailed to Griffin Spalding Tornado Relief Fund 2023, c/o Spalding Collaborative, PO Box 701, Griffin, GA  30224.  Do not mail cash!


Understanding A FEMA Letter

  • Georgia residents who applied for assistance from FEMA for the recent severe storms and tornadoes will receive a determination letter from FEMA.
  • The letter may say the applicant is ineligible for assistance, but that is not a denial of the claim.
  • Applicants are given a reason for ineligibility and told what they need to do to appeal the decision.
  • Often, they only need to send more information to FEMA.
  • The applicant should visit the Spalding Disaster Recovery Center to learn more about the letter they receive from FEMA.