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During the Winter semester, Spalding Collaborative worked with the UGA Archway Partnership and student inters from the UGA Terry School of Business to develop a marketing plan for the Collaborative.  The interns attended the Achieving Prosperity meeting on January 26th, participated in a tour of Griffin, and met via Zoom on a regular basis with UGA Archway Partnership and Spalding Collaborative staff to learn about the Collaborative so that they could assist in developing a marketing plan that will best help us meet our vision, mission, and purpose.

Click Here to watch the interns’ report on the marketing plan developed.

We would like to thank the students involved in the project:  Caroline O’Conner, Chloe Hangartner, Haolat Sadiku, Isabelle Maestas, Krina Patel, Mary Brock Smith, and Vinit Patel.  We would also like to thank Brittany Standifer from the UGA Archway Partnership who served as their advisor for this project.