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Read for the Record Day, Thursday, October 28, 2021.

Activities are in gear. Please see the updates below:

  • Books arrived last Friday.
  • We began delivering books to Spalding County daycares, preschool, elementary, and middle schools on Monday morning; deliveries will continue into Tuesday.
    • Thank you to Sonia Fields for all your efforts with Cowan Elementary/Middle and DES.
    • Thank you to Robin Shepherd for your help delivering to some of the schools.
  • Adam Pugh is alerting the elementary and middle school media specialists that books are forthcoming and sending along links to helpful resources.  Thank you for your support, Adam!
  • Thank you to Robin Shepherd for sharing Read for the Record-related content on our Facebook page every day this week.
  • We will be alerting the media about our activities.

If you are on Facebook, please share our posts this week so all your friends and contacts see the exciting Ferst activities happening in Spalding County.  This is an easy way to get awareness going again in our community.