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What if…

  • Children in Spalding County were healthy?
  • They were ready to start school?
  • They succeeded in school?
  • Families in Spalding County were stable and self-sufficient?

We already know the answer.  Communities would be stronger and our county would thrive.  That’s our vision for Spalding County and one we’re committed to bringing into focus.  But it takes all of us working together – at all levels – to improve the lives of Spalding County’s children and families.  We can only make a significant impact with the support and passion of our partners.  Here are just some ways you can get involved with our work to direct real and lasting change in the lives of Spalding County’s children and families:

  • Learn more about the issues and policies
  • Use current, reliable data to educate others
  • Share your stories
  • Advocate for children and familes

Join us at the collaborative table.  Click here to complete the membership form.