Walk and bike friendly workshop planned

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The Atlanta Regional Commission is coming to Griffin to host a half-day workshop on how to make the community more walk and bike friendly.

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 2 from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Spalding County Annex Building, 119 East Solomon St., Room 108. The Spalding Collaborative Authority for Children and Families applied and was selected by Atlanta Regional Commission to come to Griffin to host the half-day workshop.

The city and county recently completed a comprehensive transportation plan, which included a components on bicycle, pedestrian and trail/greenway needs. One of the several goals of the plan update was to “Improve bicycle and pedestrian ways, including multi-use paths and sidewalks, as a means to offer recreational improvements and to connect community centers as well as adjacent counties.”

The section on bicycle, pedestrian and trail/greenway needs, citing the unmet sidewalk needs, in the city, noted many corridors and local roads lack sidewalks, with specific exampled including North Hill Street, Ellis Road, South Pine Hill Road, Carver Road, Everee Inn Road, Maddox Road, and Maple Drive, among many others.

The idea of developing a trail/greenway system along existing sewer and power easements is also part of the plan as well as being part of future recreation plans. Specific existing and proposed amenities were also mapped and a preliminary trail/greenway was developed and presented as the proposed plan with maps depicting the draft trail alignment system map with several “loops” and a linear alignment paralleling the Roosevelt Railroad in north central Spalding County.

A copy of this plan can be found atwww.spaldingcounty.com/docs/public_works/Needs_and_Recommendations_Report_-_2016_Griffin-Spalding_CTP_Update.p

Oct 31, 2016