Volunteers needed for anti-violence rally

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Volunteers will be out Saturday handing out flyers for the One Village One Sound anti-violence rally to be held Aug. 20 in Spalding Heights.


They will be meeting at the Fairmont Community Center, 241 Blanton Ave., at 10 a.m. to get flyers and head out to all parts of the community, but especially in Spalding Heights, where the rally and march will be.


This is the second year for the anti-violence rally and march, which was held last year in the Fairmont area. This year, the guest speaker will be Misfit Ministry and vendors are asked to be there by 2 p.m., to set up.


Volunteers are still needed to help with the rally, which Fambro said “is a coming together as a community.”


She once again challenged local leaders — city and county, elected, appointed, pastors and leaders in the community to come out and participate. Fambro is also looking for volunteers to serve on a neighborhood council board. “Right now it’s me as a one man band.”


Fambro has been active in the community since 2011, in what started as a neighborhood watch group. She had served on the Griffin Housing Authority resident board and was asked to continue with the community meetings after moving out of the Housing Authority property.


She is looking for people who want to make a change in the community. “I let the Collaborative and Educational Prosperity Initiative know what’s going on. If people don’t come out, I can’t pass on concerns to the people who can get something done.”


Fambro has goals for more events — including a Santa’s Workshop in December to give parents an opportunity to drop the kids off while “they get their shopping on.” Plans are for crafts and activities for the kids.


She also wants to see this rally grow next year, and for the neighborhood council to become a council again, “so we can take it to the level it needs to be.”


Fambro was asked if the group is affiliated with the Joe Ward group. “The answer is no, we are One Village One Sound, this is our second rally. We started holding meetings 2011 with Griffin Housing Authority.”


She said, “Joe Ward is Peace In Griffin. We do not have a problem working with Peace In Griffin or making it one big team. That’s what it’s all about working together as one.”


The goal of the rally, Fambro said, “is to take back the whole community, bring all of Spalding County together, under one tent, one umbrella. The reason for this is to help the sheriff’s office, the police department, the county, the city.”


There were only four people at Tuesday’s meeting, including Fambro and this reporter. Fambro said, “if you don’t care enough to get off your kiesters, why fuss about people in your community?”


Wayne Lamar said, “it’s all about the kids. It’s time for the politicians and preachers to get in the eye of the storm.”


Fambro said, “the foundation is here. The leaders need to come out and join hands so people see it’s OK. People go to their job, go to church, the go home and go behind the door.”


For more information about the One Village, One Sound anti-violence rally and to volunteer, contact Lisa Fambro at 770-880-8681, 470-424-6418 or [email protected].