The Little Free Library program gets a summer intern.

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Thanks to the overwhelming support of our community, the Little Free Library program has been a huge success.  We now have 21 little libraries in Griffin & Spalding County with plans for several more later this year.
As part of a 2017 Griffin+Spalding county leadership project initiative, the First National Bank Marketing Director, Andrea Dunson, became the librarian for all of the little free libraries.  Dunson says “Over the past year we have had an outpouring of book donations for this project.  With the help of my leadership team, we created the project to gather and sustain books for the LFL, but someone still has to manage it daily.  Our leadership group approached First National Bank of Griffin, and asked if they would they play a role in the sustainment of program.  Chuck Copeland (President of First National Bank) agreed to have a book drop box and also agreed for all of the books to be stored in a room at FNB.  We have run out of space with the current shelves, and are having to make more room for the amount of books we are receiving.”
Andrea decided she needed help with the project this summer.  Kylie Griffin, who will be a senior at Spalding High School in August, expressed an interest in volunteering her time to help give back to her community and spread her love of reading.  Kylie said “The idea of the Little Free Library is just amazing, and something I knew I wanted to help with the second I heard about it. This opportunity, to give people a chance to further their imagination with access to free books is so inspiring to me, and I hope to continue being a part of this program for many years.”  This philosophy goes right along with the Little Free Library mission.
  This summer, Kylie decided she wanted to help in a bigger way by getting the Main Library for this project organized.  Kylie organized and categorize all of the library books with the help of John Copeland, who is working to earn his Reading badge for Boy scouts.  Besides reorganizing the storage area for the books, Kylie and John visited all of the LFL, swapping out books, seeing if any of the libraries need repair, and refilling all of the libraries with different books.  Doris Breland, of the Spalding Collaborative, is excited to see young people take an interest in this program.  She loves that youth of our community want to take their summer and give back to the town they love.   Doris Breland and Brett Bell were the champions who started the LFL project in Griffin.
Submitted by Andrea Dunson June 15,2018