Students attend zero robotics challenge

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Some local middle school students recently attended the Zero Robotics’ International Space Station Programming Challenge via satellite from Georgia Tech’s campus.

“The Zero Robotics program has a fun, flexible yet challenging curriculum where students work in teams to learn about computer programming, robotics and space engineering,” said Kenda Woodard, director of housing operations at the Griffin Housing Authority.

The challenge was the world’s first robotics space competition where NASA space station astronauts “refereed” the race, Woodard said.

The local students formed Team SCCAFC, also known as the Griffin Bulldog Bots. The team worked collaboratively with other teams in its region to develop the final code submitted to the competition.

For the past four years, GHA has partnered with the UGA Griffin campus and the Spalding County Collaborative Authority for Families and Children in bringing a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math summer camp to Griffin.

Students gained hands-on experience during the five-week zero robotics camp working with coding SPHEREs, which is synchronized position, hold, engage and re-orient experimental satellites. Woodard explained.

The zero robotics competition was facilitated by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Space Systems Laboratory, which originally designed SPHERE satellites, according to Woodard.

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August 20, 2017