SPOT LIGHT ON BackPack Food for Kids

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As school is getting ready for the start of the year, the BackPack Food for Kids Program will also be ready to start a new year.  The program will begin the first week of September and will continue throughout the year each week that the school system is in session.  This year, we have been blessed to receive a funding source that will allow us to add another elementary school, bringing the total number of schools to six and, the total number of students served to 285.  The community support continues to grow for this program and as we work to provide the food that these children need on the weekends, I ask that you help to continue to share the information about the Program to your churches, work places, and friends.  I thank you for all that you have done for these children and for what I know you will do in the future.

Joseph Walker, Coordinator
BackPack Food for Kids