Rushton’s Hope brings a little Christmas to local community

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Rushton’s Hope will hold a Christmas party on Dec. 15 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Second Baptist Church on West Broad Street.

The event is one of the many ministries Rushton’s Hope provides to Griffin residents.

“Hope for the Holidays” will offer a traditional Christmas meal to families in need. Adults will receive a gift bag and there will be games for children.

Children will be issued a punch card for the games. When they’ve played all the games and gotten the card fully punched, they will be able to turn it in for a present.

The organization is beginning a new ministry in 2019. They are working on community restoration in the area of Cherry Street near Rising Star.

They have a mission house in the neighborhood and two residents will move in.

Cook said Rushton’s Hope is trying to go to the people who need them.

“We’re not going to require people to come to us. We’re going to go to them,” Cook said. “The whole thing is community restoration — clean up the neighborhood, deal with the crime and things like that.”

When Caring House closed in 2016, Rushton’s Hope took over the ministry of caring for pregnant women in crisis. The project is called Hope for Family Life.

They offer counseling services and teach education classes in birth preparation, child care, parenting and spiritual growth. They also provides several services such as pregnancy testing and help secure maternity and baby clothes.

In early 2018, they began a new ministry, “Hope for Health” with the help of a $10,000 grant to help provide for emergency medical needs such as prescription assistance, co-pays and to lower the cost of emergency room and hospital visits.

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By Jennifer Reynolds
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