Robert Dull Proclamation

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There is an old adage, that holds, “One does not always get to sit in the shade of every tree that you plant,” Mr. Robert (Bob) N. Dull Jr. helped plant the seed that grew into the education prosperity initiative (EPI), when he upon request agreed to allow members of the Fairmont community to not just be recipients of services but to sit at the table and be a part of the decision-making process and through his interest in the area of the Fairmont Homes Complex and out in the surrounding area, programs were developed and sponsored by Bob Dull.

These programs and activities enabled the application for funding which went back into creating an atmosphere to upgrade the entire culture and set the stage for the renovation and restoration of the Fairmont neighborhood.

His interest in the improvement of Fairmont homes lead to funds being channeled in abundance from Bob Dull, which had a positive impact on Fairmont Homes and the entire Fairmont community; and some of the successful outreaches included: the healthy community garden, GED classes, tutoring programs, after school programs, community improvement programs, the collaboration of activities with UGA and Southern Crescent Technical College, and the support of the Oral History Project to research and preserve the early days of the Fairmont community. It was Bob Dull who requested and sponsored students from the University of Georgia, Athens campus, to create a charrette of the Fairmont neighborhood which has been a reference for future planning. Bob Dull worked tirelessly to improve the education, economic and social status of the community and to secure, for the residents, benefits to which they were entitled.

The City of Griffin, would like to join in encouraging Mr. Bob Dull to enjoy the shade of this particular tree that was planted.

On behalf of the City of Griffin Board of Commissioners, the Mayor, has set his hand and cause the seal of the City to be applied this 8th Day of February, 2017, & to unite with the citizenry in appreciation and gratitude for the worthwhile leadership, community vision, since of inclusiveness, dedication and valuable contributions that have been so selflessly given by Mr. Bob Dull.