Quick Guide to Local Resources

The Quick Guide to Local Resources is a brochure listing major resources available. It provides a brief explanation of the Spalding Collaborative and what we do.This brochure may be reproduced by agencies/organizations as a hand out.

Quick Guide to Resources

Spalding Resource Directory

The Spalding Resource Directory is a comprehensive database of service providers with a brief description of each.  This directory may be downloaded, printed and reproduced as needed.


Spreading Wise Information for Teens

Dear Teens,

The Spreading Wise Information for Teens (SWIFT) booklet is a resource created especially for you, to help with your everyday problems or concerns. Being a teen can bring forth many perplexing issues, and although your parents or guardians are usually your best resource, some issues may be difficult to approach with them. That is why this resource was created, to be a reference and resource for helping you to resolve your problems or concerns.

Contact information is available in SWIFT for organizations that have someone with whom you may discuss your problems or concerns. Information about numerous local agencies and organizations fills the pages of SWIFT that can help you work through issues . It is our sincere hope that the information you have access through SWIFT will bring relief for the challenges you face.

SWIFT is made possible through Spalding Collaborative partners. Local school system students contributed to the artwork in SWIFT and Spalding County Board of Health provided funding for several years through their Adolescent Health Youth Development Program for printing.  The on-line version is our best effort for rendering this service sustainable.