Public Health Accreditation Community Needs Assessment

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Public Health Accreditation Community Needs Assessment 

District 4 Public Health is embarking on an Accreditation journey. In order for the process to be effective, community feedback is critical to understand what issues people face and how public health can help meet the needs of the community. I

The link below will carry you to a brief survey and by you completing it, the District and Spalding County will get a better understanding of the issues its residents’ face and how to help make this area a better place to live.

Please complete the survey and then forward the link to your sphere of influence and ask them to complete it as well. The greater community response, the more reliable the plan of action will positively impact Spalding County and District 4!


The survey asks you for your zip code so even if you are not in Spalding County, you live in the District 4 PH area so your feedback should be based on the county in which you reside.