Phase 3 Approved

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Phase 3 of the Meriwether Homes redevelopment has been approved, with a 68-unit, multi-level senior housing facility to be built adjacent to the Griffin City Golf Course.

Griffin Housing Authority CEO Bob Dull said Phase 3 will start next year. Groundbreaking for Phase 2, which is also senior housing between the Griffin Police Department and the Oaks at Park Place, is scheduled for Dec. 14. The Oaks at Park Place was Phase 1 of the redevelopment of the former Meriwether Homes.

“The senior developments,” Dull said, “allow us to address sub-standard housing, giving seniors some place affordable to go. If it’s not affordable, they would not have any place to go.”

Dull said there are also plans for redevelopment at Fairmont Homes and Nine Oaks. These will be remodel and rehabilitation of the existing buildings, with all new plumbing, electric, appliances, and redoing the floors, bathrooms, kitchens and interiors.

Unlike at Meriwether Homes, there are not vouchers, these will be done in-place, working on vacant units first, he said.

“If there’s not enough vacant units, we will pay for temporary relocation of residents,” Dull said. “They will be compensated to stay somewhere else, if it’s with family or in a motel. We will pay for the utility transfer, it’s part of the relocation law covered under the Uniform Relocation Act. They are really supposed to be non-impacted by it.”

The Fairmont rehab has not been approved yet, Dull said. “We are at the disclosure stage” for Fairmont, he said. “There have been the two required residents meetings. We will submit the application.”

The remodel at Fairmont, he said, “at the end of the day, it will look brand new, and be viable for another 20 to 30 years, no longer functionally obsolete. It will no longer have the public housing stigma.”

Dull said there will be new rules at the remodeled facilities, “HUD (Housing and Urban Development) is changing the rules. Residents will have to follow the rules. It will be a smoke-free campus.”

Dull said, “toward the end of next year, we will have four projects going on at once, with the goal of $64 million in work completed by 2018,” for all of the redevelopment projects.

The work, like at the Oaks at Park Place, is made possible through private investment and tax credits, Dull explained, “to take advantage of the market where investors are willing to invest in a community. Griffin is well thought of. It says a lot about the projects and I’m proud of it.”