One Village, One Sound

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The second planning meeting for the One Village One Sound Anti-Violence Rally starts at 5:30 p.m. today.(July 21st)
Whether you’re a Fairmont neighborhood community member or just a resident looking to help, you’re invited to take part in this process.

The meeting will be at the Griffin Impact Center, 223 Kentucky Ave., Griffin, with a third meeting planned for Aug. 11, and the One Village One Sound Anti-Violence Rally planned for Aug. 22.

Plans are for information booths from the various community service providers, including law enforcement, GED programs, jobs training, Parks and Recreation, mentoring, as well as a two- to three-mile walk. Plans are to start a neighborhood watch and to open up communications with law enforcement.

David Dodd, who heads up Impact Racing Ministry on Kentucky Avenue, said the event is part of an effort to bring together the various groups that serve the community, “to generate some energy and get thoughts on what is needed to the problems in the community, to create some hope.”

The goal, Dodd said, “is to create choices and options, to try to get kids to look at what God’s called them to do and let them know their lives are not dictated by the streets.”
Community residents and those interested in helping are asked to come out to the planning meetings with ideas for things they’d like to see in community.

At the first meeting last month, Denise Sierra spoke about losing her son to gang violence in 2013, when he was shot in head after walking away from a fight.“Since then, I’ve been fighting to bring peace to this community,” Sierra said. “The community is tired of losing our young men.”

Ray Lightner
Griffin Daily News