New Member Information

Thank you for partnering with us! This page will assist you in getting started with a quick overview.

We are Spalding County Collaborative Authority for Families and Children. We are also known as Family Connection, The Authority OR Spalding Collaborative.

It is difficult to explain what we do. We do not provide services though we assist others in providing services. We are not a government agency though we may look like one. The community is our office space.

The Collaborative’s primary function is bringing partners together to develop, implement and evaluate plans that address the serious challenges facing Spalding’s families and children.These challenges are, but not limited to, child abuse and neglect, teen pregnancy, multiple teen births, truancy, high school completion, low birth rate, senior citizen nutrition and unemployment.

Our partners are individuals, agencies,  the faith community, businesses and government entities. Our partners share our mission and vision  for Spalding’s  families and children. By connecting with partners, we strengthen our efforts for a safe, educated, healthy community.

Georgia Family Connection Partnership is our parent organization.The Family Connection initiative was Georgia’s response to a dismal ranking in the KIDS COUNT report of 1991 placing us 50th out of 50 states. In the most recent study  Georgia ranks 39.  There is more work to do for our children’s well-being.

Spalding Collaborative is one of 159 organizations in Georgia. Each Family Connection has a different name and goals based on the needs of their county’s families and children. GaFCP  provides support, leadership and training to county collaboratives.

We have been around a long time, longer than you think. We had a presence in the community since mid-1980 as the Elderly and Infant Commission. In 1993, we became Spalding Collaborative for Families and Children. We connected with the Georgia Family Connection Partnership in 1994.  Check here for a complete Historical Timeline.

The Collaborative has a Board of Directors as outlined in the Georgia General Assembly Authority Act of 1988.  Members serve on the board based on their position in our community or appointed. The Executive Director and Coordinator carry out the day to day business. Check here for a snapshot of our organization.

The Collaborative developed bylaws to regulate our self and for accountability. There is an  Annual Plan  (FY19 Spalding County Annual Plan)   in place with strategies and teams to carry out the plan.

There is a  budget (refer to the annual plan) to balance and strategies to meet to receive funding from Georgia Family Partnership. The Collaborative can receive up to $50,000 per year. Other income is received through donations, grants and other funding to support our partners and strategy teams to fulfill their jobs.

There are also benefits for members:
• The Collaborative has data available for writing grant request or establishing a new community program
• The Collaborative can provide a letter of support
• The Collaborative has the capacity to serve as a fiscal agent
• Connecting with others for the greater good of Spalding County
• Seeing results of working together.

It takes all of us working together—at all levels—to improve the lives of Spalding County’s children and families. We can only make a significant impact with the support and passion of our partners. Here are just some ways you can get involved with our work to direct real and lasting change in the lives of Spalding County’s children and families:

• Learn more about the issues and policies
• Use current, reliable data to educate others
• Share your stories
• Advocate for children and families

Please CLICK HERE to set your level of membership and join us at the Collaborative table!

YOU are Spalding Collaborative! Together we are “Helping People, Help Others”