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Two mentoring programs have combined and will be having sign-ups at an open house, 6 to 8 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 24 at the A.Z. Kelsey gymnasium.

“We have combined two programs together to serve the youth population of Griffin — Hopeville Boys Center, Inc., and iMPAKZ Mentoring & Management in Art,” said Clyde Forbes, co-founder of the Hopeville Boys Center.

“Our goal is to expose our youth to various fields and connect them with positive mentors and speakers that can pour into them,” Forbes said.

“We have also partnered with a local business (Haggai Automotive and Diesel Repair) as a sponsor for the program,” he said.

Local owner Jerry McKneely, Forbes said, “has a heart and passion to see the youth be placed in better situations and lower the youth delinquency within the community. He decided to make a difference by supporting a youth non profit organization that will make an impact within the community.”

Hopeville Boys Center, Inc., is a youth mentoring program working with young men ages 12 to 18, held at A.Z. Kelsey.

“We will be working with the youth to provide services in self esteem, cyber bullying, academics,” Forbes said. ” We will address issues that face our teens, drugs, teen pregnancy, and help point them in directions of career choices, through our STEM program, finance classes, how credit works and with specialized areas with our flight club and car club.”

He said they also will address child hood obesity and healthy eating through various events and community projects. “We are also looking to start and build our basketball program with middle school boys.”

Forbes said, “we are excited about this year as we expose our kids to positive outlets and build community pride and give our youth positive environments to grow to become productive citizens and also connecting with like minded organizations like iMPAKZ Mentoring.”

That organization for girls, iMPAKZ Mentoring in Arts, was created in 2011 by founder and operator Andrea Wood-Wilson. “Noticing that there was nothing in her area to engage young ladies,” Forbes said, “Andrea an educator by profession, found a way to merge her profession with her joy of modeling thus creating iMPAKZ Mentoring in Arts.”

The mission and purpose of iMPAKZ Mentoring in Arts is to provide young ladies with various opportunities to grow and develop in the areas of arts that fall under the fashion industry.

“Young ladies are exposed to phenomenal women that are doing great things in the fashion industry, be it modeling, makeup, media, photography, etc.,” Forbes said.

He said iMPAKZ Mentoring has not limited itself to just fashion.

“Over the course of time, partnerships have been established in finance, science, and several other professional communities. At the end of it all, the goal of iMPAKZ Mentoring in Arts is to build positive, well-balanced, and productive young women.”

Both programs will be signing up students and meeting parents at the open house.

BY RAY LIGHTNER STAFF WRITER [email protected] Oct 19, 2017 0