Ice cream party for Little Free Library

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“Once again, we find ourselves here on behalf of Little Free Libraries,” Brett Bell told the children of Northside Hill Apartments.

Bell asked and the children remembered people coming there and presenting the Little Free Library, the ribbon-cutting with the big scissors, and the books. He asked them how many like to read, and they all raised their hands except one boy who said he likes math better.

Bell emphasized the importance of literacy. “When you can read, you can learn how to do things, to do math, science — you can do anything.”

And he said, that’s why the Little Free Library is back.

“Something bad happened but with the help of the Sisavaths we got it fixed and back here. We will not be deterred in our initiative for literacy,” Bell said. “That’s why the box is back, with books in there, and more books have been left with Da’Shundria (Davis, the apartment manager.”

Bell asked “what do kids love?” and one boy said, “reading.” Bell ran over and gave him a high five. He asked them all what do kids love even more that reading? And he answered, opening the fridge, saying “ice cream,” and handed out ice cream sandwiches to the children.

Bell said, “I want you to know there are people you may not know, who you don’t see everyday, who got your back, and they want for you to keep your eye on the prize.”

The sponsor for the box is Vulcan Materials, and the steward will be the staff at Northside Hills Apartments. It was built and repaired by Sisavath Remodeling.

There will be dedications each Friday for the next four weeks for more Little Free Libraries. According to Bell, the dedications will be:

• Oct. 27, 1 p.m., at Griffin Area Resource Center. Sponsor is Southern Crescent Technical College; steward is GARC; artwork Griffin Spalding Art Association

• Nov. 3, 4 p.m., at Sunny Side City Hall Park. Sponsor, steward and artist is Devin Woolf, a Spalding High School student who did this as his Eagle Scout project.

• Nov. 10, 4 p.m., at Easy Shop. Sponsor is Griffin Daily News, which donated a newspaper box, which was decorated by Spalding High School Art Department students. Stewards Naomi Rankin and Easy Shop Co-Owner Steve Blanks.

• Nov. 17, 4 p.m., at Raymond Head Park. Sponsor and steward are Department of Juvenile Justice, with art work by Department of Juvenile Justice. Bell said Blake’s Building Supply and Shawn Dean donated the lumber and Dean is the builder.

Ray Lightner, Griffin Daily News October 20,2017