Charity Tracker Network




The Griffin-Spalding CharityTracker helps you do what you do best— help people in need. Do you want to know the assistance history of the people you serve? Would you like to reduce or eliminate duplicate services? Does your organization  desire to work collaboratively to share information and resources to help those who need it the most?

If your agency provide a  service such as  clothing, food, financial assistance for rent or utilities, medical expenses,  join us ….

The cost is $180 per year and allow agencies to input and access information on  acts of kindness provided to those in need.  It allows agencies to work together to provide help where it is most needed.  By communicating between agencies, we can stretch our community’s limited resources and work together more efficiently.

The Griffin-Spalding  CharityTracker publishes a  guide to  responsibly  help those in need at  Christmas.  Any church or agency can add   services they provide-  toys, food, meal, during the Holidays.  You do not need to be a CharityTracker member and there is no fee to be included.   Send your request to [email protected],

A HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based database for shared case management used to gather and report statistical data for resource development, strategic planning, measure outcomes and assessments. CharityTracker is also being used to track referrals, reduce duplication and provide a safe and secure platform for collaboration among community nonprofits.