Criminal Justice Day at UGA-Griffin Campus

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The theme of this year’s conference, After Mass Incarceration: Charting a Path to the Future, provides an opportunity for professionals from varied areas of criminal justice — law enforcement, law and the courts, corrections, and the faith community  — to convene and discuss current criminal justice reforms and their impact on our communities, and to suggest alternatives to incarceration.

The keynote address examines Georgia’s new criminal justice reform initiatives with an emphasis on juvenile justice. Additional presentations explore new directions in prosecutions (especially drug offenses), evidence-based strategies to reduce reoffending, innovative practices for strengthening inmates’ parental ties, and the toll of human trafficking on communities. The closing panel discusses forensic science and the need for broadly-trained criminal justice professionals. Students, faculty, criminal justice professionals, community members, and civic leaders alike will find something valuable in all of these presentations. Please join in the conversation with us.

The conference is open to the general public and because space is limited, REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. There is no registration fee.

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