County nurse speaks on COVID-19 in Spalding

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Spalding County Nurse Manager Cynthia Tidwell spoke to the Spalding Collaborative during its May virtual meeting.

She gave information on how COVID-19 is impacting Spalding County.

At the time she spoke, there were 237 people within Spalding County who tested positive for COVID-19 and 12 deaths attributed to it. She said that in all 12 cases, there were underlying medical conditions and the ages of those patients ranged from 33 to 95.

She said she is very pleased with how local leadership and the community have come together to do what public health has asked to help keep from spreading COVID-19.

Now that places are reopening, she said that public health is pushing to remind people to social distance by keeping at least six feet apart from those who they do not cohabitate with, to wear masks, wash hands for at least 30 seconds, and to sanitize things such as doorknobs frequently.

She said studies have shown that the virus lives on metal so when touching things such as doorknobs or gas pumps it is a good idea to hold something in your hand so as not to make contact with these items or to wear gloves.

“No one can protect you better than you can protect yourself,” she said.

She encouraged anyone with symptoms to begin self quarantining right away, but said that it can be difficult to know if you have it as some patients display no symptoms and some do not have a fever.

Within the local Georgia Department of Public Health district, District 4, there are three test sites for drive-through coronavirus testing. Sites are in Newnan, McDonough, and Thomaston. Anyone wishing to be tested should call 1-800-847-4262 to make an appointment.

Tidwell said anyone who tests positive will be contacted first by public health to let them know their results. Then, a contact tracing team will
contact them to help them identify anyone they may have come in contact with so they can be alerted that they may have been exposed.

She said that more testing means the number of cases may go up and no one should panic if they see numbers increase. Overall, she said Spalding County is doing a good job and should keep up social distancing.

For more information, call Tidwell at 770-560-0796.

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