CHIP grant funds available

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The Griffin Housing Authority has been awarded a Community Home Investment Program grant which can be used for home repairs and purchases within the designated grant area of the city.

The CHIP grant is provided to housing authorities, local governments and non-profit organizations to address the needs of affordable housing in their areas. CHIP funds can be used to build new affordable single-family homes or to provide housing rehabilitation for low to moderate income home owners.

Qualifying income levels are based on household income. For a one-person household, the maximum income is $37,800; for a two-person household, it is $43,200; for three persons, it is $48,600; and for a four-person household, the maximum income is $54,000.

Maximum incomes levels are $58,350 for a five-person household; $62,560 for six persons; $67,000 for seven persons; and $71,300 for eight persons.

This grant is for a specific area of the city, bordered by Hill Street to the east and Taylor Street to the north. The borders on the south and west vary somewhat, but are roughly Hammond Drive and Airport Road. A map shows the entire eligible area in yellow.

For more information regarding participation, contact grant administrator Sherry Kurtz at 229-928-5954 or [email protected].


Nov 4, 2016