Charity Tracker Connecting Local Nonprofits

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Griffin-Spalding County nonprofits and churches which provide services in the community can now use an online database to track their clients, staff of theSpalding Collaborative announced Wednesday.


About 30 representatives from various charitable organizations attended the Charity Trackerinformational session at the Spalding Collaborative’s monthly networking meeting to learn more about the new database, which connects local giving entities to maximize their efficiency. TheSpalding Collaborative has been working with the Griffin-Spalding Archway Partnership’sCharity Tracker Issue Work Group to discuss ways to best understand the needs of thecommunity and who is being served by whom. The Charity Tracker database has been consentedon as the tool to log client data and to allow local nonprofits to track which assistance clients are receiving and how often.


Spalding Collaborative will serve as the Charity Tracker administering agency, setting up user sand developing the protocol for protecting and maintaining client records. Ten nonprofit organizations have signed a memorandum of understanding with the Spalding Collaborative to receive Charity Tracker Assistance Network access for free, the first year.


Along with the Charity Tracker initiative, the Charity Tracker Issue Work Group also plans to begin discussions on Christmas assistance and programming at its next monthly meeting. For more information, please contact the Griffin-Spalding Archway Partnership at 706.483.3264.