Meetings 2nd Wednesday of each month except July.
Location:  Spalding County Extension; Office835 Memorial Drive, Griffin GA
Time:  9:00AM
All meetings are open to the public.  See Home Page for details of the next meeting.


2016.09.14  Collaborative Minutes


2015.12.09   Collaborative Minutes

2015.12         Financial Report

2015.11          No meeting

2015.11         Financial Report

2015.10          Financial Report

2015.09.09.  Collaborative Minutes

2015.09         Financial Report

2015.08.12.  Collaborative Minutes

2015.08         Financial Report

2015.07          No meeting

2015.07          Financial Report

2015.06.15   Collaborative Minutes

2015.06          Financial Report

2015.05.13.    Collaborative Minutes

2015.04.08     Collaborative Minutes

2015.04          Financial Report

2015.03.11     Collaborative Minutes

2015.02.11        Minutes PENDING

2015.01.14      Collaborative Minutes



2014.12            Minutes not available

2014.11.12.   Minutes Collaborative

2014.10.08.  Minutes Collaborative

2014.09.10.  Minutes Collaborative

2014.08.13.  Minutes Collaborative

2014.06.11.   Minutes Collaborative

2014.05.14.  Minutes. Collaborative

2014.04.09.  Minutes Collaborative

2014.03.12.  Minutes. Collaborative

2014.01.08.  Minutes. Collaborative


2013.12.11.Minutes. Collaborative

2013.11.13.Minutes. Collaborative

2013.10.09.Minutes. Collaborative

2013.09.11.Minutes. Collaborative

2013.08.14.Minutes. Collaborative

2013.06.12.Minutes. Collaborative

2013.05.08.Minutes. Collaborative

2013.04.10.Minutes. Collaborative

2013.03.13.Minutes. Collaborative

2013.02.13.Minutes. Collaborative

2013.01.09.Minutes. Collaborative


2012.12.12.Minutes. Collaborative

2012.11.14..Minutes. Collaborative

2012.10.10.Minutes. Collaborative

2012.09.12.Minutes. Collaborative

2012.08.08.Minutes. Collaborative

2012.06.13.Minutes. Collaborative

2012.05.09.Minutes. Collaborative

2012.04.11.Minutes. Collaborative

2012.03.14.Minutes. Collaborative


2011.11.09.Minutes. Collaborative

2011.09.14.Minutes. Collaborative

2011.08.11.Minutes. Collaborative