Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets quarterly.  Meetings are open to the public.  Check the Home Page for details of the next meeting.



Stephanie Blokzyl, Chair

Brett Bell, Vice Chair

Robert Dull, Past Chair

Carmen Caldwell, Parliamentarian

Jewel Walker-Harps, Secretary

Anthony Aikens, Treasurer

Yvonne Langford, At Large

Karl Broder

William Doss

Phyllis Easton-Barkley

Joy Gaddy

Stefanie Jackson

Rita Johnson

Cynthia Reid-Ward

Irma Lewis

Karen Mathiak

Ben Miller

Eula Redding

Joy Shirley

Cynthia K. Tidwell

Mike Yates


2018 Board Manual

Click on the following links for minutes of Board meetings:

Minutes for 2017 and 2018  are available upon request:


2016.11.15 Board Minutes-s

2016.09.20 Board Minutes

06.21.2016 Board Minutes

2016.03.15 Board Minutes-s


2015.11.04 Board Minutes.s

2015.09.15 Board Minutes

2015.06.23 Board Minutes

2015.03.17 Board Minutes


2014.11.18 Board Minutes

2014.09.16 Board Minutes

2014.06.17 Board Minutes

2014.03.18 Board Minutes


2013.11.12 Board Min

2013.09.17 Board Min

2013.06.18 Board Min

2013.03.19 Board Min

2013.01.15 Board Min


2012.09.12 Board Min

2012.06.19.Board Min

2012.03.20.Board Min

2012.01.18.Board Min